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Nirvana - Drain You (Vocals Only Kurt Cobain/Dave Grohl) 

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As pérolas que o meu irmão diz pra mim

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Invincible Iron Man #527 Variant by Salvador Larroca

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For him to write songs and then have the idea of sharing those songs with Jeff and l was just, like, another generous gesture that said, ”l’m not only gonna help you guys with this record, but l’m gonna even ask your new singer, who he just is kind of a shy, quiet guy, because l haven’t really heard his voice yet. l kind of saw you guys live, and you know, maybe he can sing. l’m not sure.” And then you hear it, and you go, ”Our guy sings really fucking good, too.” - Stone Gossard
Eddie was very shy at the beginning. He was very kind of self-conscious. He’s wasn’t fully comfortable, l think… Until him and Cornell went out one night. He really embraced Eddie when he first moved up here, and sometimes l wonder if that was a void that he felt from Andy’s passing, having another equally talented singer that he could sort of bounce ideas off of or just basically relate to. - Matt Cameron
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“and you will present it in front of the whole class”

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My grandfather got suspended from Catholic school for referring to Jesus Christ and the twelve apostles as J.C. and the Boys.

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